New Caledonia, after the referendum

I recently wrote a short article about New Caledonia’s need to develop a strong foreign policy. New Caledonia is still not independent, but will undoubtedly enjoy more autonomy. It is important that Noumea fosters relations with foreign powers in order to be fully ready in the case the archipelago becomes independent.

Goulard, Sébastien (2018) , “New Caledonia: Moving Beyond the Independence Debate”, The Diplomat,  November 9, accessed

France’s presidential elections and China

thediplomat goulardIn December 2016, The Diplomat published an article of mine entitled “France’s Presidential Elections: The Need for a China Agenda”. In this paper, I argue that presidential candidates should pay more attention to China in foreign affairs. China is often considered as a threat, whereas more relations with China may create new opportunities for France.

Goulard, Sébastien (2016), “France’s Presidential Elections: The Need for a China Agenda”, The Diplomat, December 3, accessed at