Attending the 9th FCPAE Europe Forum

On  September 25-26,  2017, the AFCDUD (Association Franco-Chinoise du Développement Urbain Durable, French-Chinese Association for Sustainable Urban Development) organised the 9th FCPAE Europe Forum in Issy-Les Moulineaux near Paris. Sebastien Goulard made a presentation on the reasons why Europe and France have to get involved in China’s Belt and Road initiative.

Goulard, S, 2017,  ‘Europe, France and the Belt and Road Initiative’, September 25, 9th FCPAE Europe Forum, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris.

The Diplomat: French Polynesia and China

thediplomat goulardOn 7 September  2017, The Diplomat published an article I wrote about Chinese invesments in French Polynesia. In this article, I argue that these invesments may partly solve some economic  issues in the islands, but it can also threaten their environment.

Goulard, Sébastien (2017), “French Polynesia at the Chinese Crossroads”, The Diplomat, September 7, accessed at

The new Silk roads, a project for the world

I recently wrote an article about China’s Belt and Road initiative for “Outre Terre” a French international relations journal.

In this paper, I explain the importance of the New Silk Road in China’s foreign policy and list the challenges Beijing willl face in implementing this strategy.

Goulard, Sébastien (2017), “Les routes de la Soie, un projet pour le monde”  (The new Silk roads, a project for the world), Outre-Terre, Vol.50, no.1, pp. 349-368. accessed at

Brexit: China between opportunities and uncertainties

My article entitled “Brexit: la Chine entre opportunités et incertitudes (Brexit: China between opportunities and uncertainties” has just been published in the “Brexit !” special issue of “Outre-terre”.

In this article, I explained that Brexit has threatened China’s strategy in Europe, and that, although this event may create more competition among European countries, it causes instability. Brexit might also slow down trade agreements between the EU and China.

Goulard Sebastien (2016), “Brexit: La Chine entre opportunités et incertitudes” (Brexit: China between opportunities and uncertainties), Outre-Terre, Vol.49, no. 4, pp. 399-415, accessed at

“Learning from Shenzhen” book review

Book review (in French) of “O’Donnell, Mary Ann et al. (ed.) (2017), Learning from Shenzhen: China’s Post-Mao Experiment from Special Zone to Model City”, Chicago: Chicago University Press in Carnets du Centre Chine, 19 April 2017, accessed at


O’Donnell,Mary Ann, Winnie Wong and Jonathan Bach (eds.) (2017),  Learning from Shenzhen: China’s post-Mao experiment from special zone to model city, Chicago: Chicago University Press.

Paris, Rome and the OBOR

thediplomat goulardOn 6 March 2017, The Diplomat published one of my articles about Italian President and French Prime Ministre’s recent visit to China. In this article, I argue that European countries need to coordinate their actions and policies regarding the OBOR initiative launched by China.

Goulard, Sébastien (2017), “France, Italy, and China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative”, The Diplomat, March 6, accessed at