Cultures Monde radio show

Invited as a guest  for a French radio show “Cultures Monde” presented by Florian Delorme on France Culture, a major French radio station, on August 29, 2018. This show focused  on trade wars, and the confrontation between the United States and China. I discussed with Barthélémy Courmont (Catholic University of Lille, IRIS) Beijing’s response to US tariffs and the inexorable rise of China.

The show is available on podcast at the:


Wallonia Export Days

For the “Wallonia Export Days” organized by the Walloon Export Agency on June 4-5 2018 in Louvain-la-Neuve, I made a presentation about the challenges of the new Silk Roads to an audience made of Belgian entrepreneurs and export experts.

I insisted on the fact that the new Silk Roads are not just railroads connected China to Europe. I called on  European companies to seize opportunities offered by the “Belt and Road initiative” in all states involved in this programme.

The new infrastructure will create development in many parts of Asia and Africa. The AWEX agency has understood the importance of this initiative for Walloon companies.


Roundtable at DOC Research Institute

On May 30 2018, I took part to a roundtable on “Infrastructure development in emerging economies” hosted by DOC Research Institute, a think tank based in Berlin.

Sebastien Goulard with Prof. Valentine Udoh James

My presentation focused on financing “Belt and Road” projects. I explained the gradual approach adopted by China to finance infrastructure projets along the new Silk Roads. I also argued that these infrastructure projects were necessary for the development of both Asia and Africa.

This event was coorganised by DOC Research Institute and T20 Argentina.

Interview about China’s consulate in French Polynesia

Interview given to ABC News about China’s consulate in French Polynesia. On April 26, I answered to Catherine Graue’s questions about the possible illegal occupation of a mansion in Papeete by the Chinese consulate for “Pacific Beat”.

In this interview, I explained China’s investment strategy in Tahiti.

Full interview available here.

The Libyan crisis and Bangladeshi immigration to Europe

aeg goulardPresentation entitled “The Libyan crisis and Bangladeshi immigration to Europe”, at Académie Européenne de Géopolitique (European Academy of Geopolitics), Paris, April 10, 2018.

During this presentation, I tried to show how Bangladeshi immigration to Europe was connected with the civil war in Libya. I published more in-depth research about this topic in an article.

This conference was organised by Michel Korinman.


Europe, a new destination for migrants from Bangladesh

Article published in Outre-Terre, the European journal of geopolitics.

In this article, I explain how immigration from Bangladesh have increased in Europe since the 2011 military intervention in Libya.

Goulard, Sebastien (2017), “L’Europe nouvelle destination des migrants du Bangladesh” (Europe, a new destination for migrants from Bangladesh), Outre-Terre, Vol.52, no.3, pp. 197-208, accessed at


Macron and China, article in AsiePacifique News

I recently wrote a small article on French president’s visit to China and his ambitions to become China’s privliged interlocutor on the Belt and Road initiaitve in Europe. It is the good time now for France to seize this opportunity!

Goulard, Sébastien (2018), “Chine – France : le président Macron un interlocuteur privilégié sur les nouvelles routes de la Soie” (China-France: President Macron a privileged interlocutor on the new Silk Roads), Asie Pacifique News, February 28, accessed at