Dr. Sebastien Goulard

A Consultant, Researcher, and Entrepreneur, passionate about international relations, culture and dialogue.

Dr. Sebastien Goulard is the founder of Cooperans, a project management consultancy specialised in EU-Asia relations.

For the last five years, Sebastien has assisted stakeholders in conducting projects in Europe and Asia.

In his earlier career, Sebastien worked as a project assistant for EU research projects and completed a Ph.D. at EHESS, Paris. [More]


Cooperans is the first French consultancy specialised in Belt and Road Initiative projects. I help companies and institutions conduct their project and create new partnerships along the new Silk Road. [More]


I have communicated to academic and business events in France and abroad; a great way to meet experts. [More]


My publications are about China, Europe, sustainable development, diplomacy, international economics and other topics. [More]