Writing articles is time consuming, but it is worth it. Although I am not an academic research fellow anymore, I try to keep writing some articles from time to time, to communicate about international affairs to various audiences.

I have been writing several articles for the French Geopolitical journal “Outre-Terre” for some years. 


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Book chapters

  1. Goulard, S. (2022), “Guerre  russo-ukrainienne : la Russie, l’ami encombrant de Beijing ?” (Russo-Ukrainian war: Russia, Beijing’s cumbersome friend?) in Michel Korinman (ed.), Le nouveau rideau de fer (The new iron curtain), Paris: David Reinharc Éditions.
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Book reviews

  1. Book review (in English) of “Griffiths, R. and A. Hughes (eds.) (2021): In the way of the Road: The Ecological Consequences of Infrastructure Leiden: ‎IIAS”, in OBOReurope, 10 July 2021, accessed at https://www.oboreurope.com/en/griffiths-hughes/.
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Conference proceedings

  1. Goulard, Sebastien (2013), “La province de Hainan, les politiques environnementales comme facteur d’intégration et leur contrôle par le Centre” (The province of Hainan, environmental policies as a factor in integration and their control by Central authorities), in Philippe Josserand and Françoise Le Jeune (eds.), La Marge, Paris: L’Harmattan, pp. 147-58.
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Working papers

  1. Elosua, M., Gipouloux, F., Goulard, S., Li, S. & Ni, P. (2013), “Urbanisation in China: The impact of the tax-sharing system and the definitions of new strategies”, UrbaChina working paper, no.1, November, Paris: CNRS, accessed at https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00903218v2/document.

Non academic articles

  1. Goulard, Sebastien (2023), “Italy’s Departure From the Belt and Road Initiative: Deception and New Strategy”, The Geopolitics, August 19, accessed at https://thegeopolitics.com/italys-departure-from-the-belt-and-road-initiative-deception-and-new-strategy/.
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