I am a consultant in project management and public affairs. I assist companies in overcoming the challenges they face. I help them to conduct sustainable and international projects in various sectors including culture, tourism, governance, trade or local development.

My clients include SMEs, local governments, and trade associations from Europe, Asia and Africa that are looking for developing innovative solutions and build efficient networks.

Creating my company was an important decision I took after completed my Ph.D., and I have learned so much since then.

Citizen engagement

Although I have never been directly involved in politics, I am quite interested in “res publica”. I am a strong supporter of the European integration. I believe that a stronger union is necessary for Europe but also for the world and that multilateralism is the key to development. I also understand that sustainability must be priority. I have already declined to work on some projects that did not match my values.

My background and trajectory

In 2014, I completed my Ph.D. in social and economic development studies at EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences), supervised by Prof. François Gipouloux.

During my doctoral studies, I worked on several European funded research projects. These programmes aimed at analysing China’s urbanisation trends.
I was involved in both research and dissemination activities.

In my dissertation (Les politiques de développement régional d’une zone périphérique chinoise, le cas de la province de Hainan, Regional development policies in a Chinese peripheral region: the case of Hainan province), I study the effectiveness of the development policies implemented in Hainan a Chinese peripheral province, and their impacts on central-local relations.

I hold a BA (hons) degree in international politics (ESE, Nottingham Trent University), a MA degree in international relations (IRIS, France) and a MA degree in social sciences (EHESS).